Sunday, June 27, 2010

happy happy.

hello lovelieesss!
New job today! CLOTHING DISCOUNTS. Need i say more? I'm just scared I won't be able to sell as much as i need to! This is my first retail job! EEEEKK ---- so much customer interaction! OOOOOH and I attended a dinner today which involved mr.superhotfootballplayer. It was fun and i talked to him! :) Happy, happy. I hope you're all doing fine and dandy!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boy trouble,


Sorry about the lengthy post guys, I just needed to get things off my mind and apparently this is the amount of words it takes to fulfill. I apologize in advance if it doesn't make much sense. This is the most understanding i can make without naming names! Enjoy if you do choose to read this post on my teenage girl boy drama filled life! :)

Today was my friends birthday dinner! Happy birthday love! She was in such a great mood until her ex boyfriend texted her and began to freak out. Ruined. Her. Night. She tried to mask it, but we knew it wasn't okay. Her ex had broken up with her after over a year and told her that he had kissed another girl, the same girl she was worried about in the beginning. He will not admit he likes this other girl, but its right under our noses. She was crushed. Poor girl. The worst part is, he turns everything around on her and makes it her fault suddenly. Its unreal, she is the most loyal and loving girl I've ever met, she never says anything mean about anybody.

I personally have never dated anybody yet and i think the reason why is that these things scare me. Boys are dumb. I kind of had a "thing" with the guy in my previous posts and boooy oh boy I am just uggghh. It was soooo great, having somebody to tell you how beautiful and amazing you are, it brings SO much happiness! Maybe too happy. He had said "good morning" and "good night" to me everyday, respected my friends, respected me. People had always told me he liked me, but I never thought much of it. Until one day he straight up told me, as we were talking about his little brother he came out and told me he'd never met such a sweet and amazing girl and liked me very much. He had said he was lucky to like a girl who was close with her family, sweet, beautiful and about everything in the book. He asked me if I felt the same because he had wanted it to last long + sooooo many other cute things, I'll find the texts one day and show y'all. Cute though, right? Anyways, I told him i felt the same but seeing as I never dated, I was scared and he told me he'd take it as slow as I wanted. HA. Right buddy boy. So guess who stops texting me two days after? Mhhhmmm. So I was curious and texted him a nice, "Hey :)" so he responds, "Hey sorry I haven't texted you in a while :( " Boy was a big sack of BULLS___. Waste of my time, all the time I spent getting to know him and slowly starting to like him I could have focused it on Mr. Superhotfootballplayer. DARN. Anyways at that time I wondered what I could have done to deserve that. But I don't party, I don't drink or do drugs. I'm a good girl. I didn't do anything. This dropped off a bad mood on my front step and was just upset with him and everything. It just didn't make me a happy girl. I was doing so well, out of all my friends, I'm the laidback, always happy type of girl. This changed me. For about a week to a week and a half? Okay so anyways, my cousin goes to the same school as i do and she came up to me at lunch one day and had a sad expression on and she told me she would call me later. Later had arrived and she asked me "Did you see [stupidstupiddumbboy] at lunch today?" Noooope I had not. Then she goes off to tell me he was eating lunch with one of her friends. This doesn't really erk me seeing as guys and girls could be friends. Buuuuut, when my cousin had asked about their lunch together, she was told that THEY now have something! Then he has the nerve to tell my friend that I had stopped texting him to make me look like the bad guy. Um ahem, you're the one eating lunch with another girl. Plus you're the one who apologized for not texting me. He is STUUUPID. I was upset for 15 minutes, then just got angry.

Another one of my closest friends is dating this guy she's had a crush on for a while! Lucky girl right? Not many of us are able to get the guy we want. Unfortunately she is too attatched. Her happiness depends on his treatment towards her. She used to be such a happy, independent girl and its all changed. She's dependent on him now. If he doesn't text her back in time, or just does something silly, her mood is immediately B-A-D. She doesn't even have to be with him, she'll just be angry. The thing that scares me most is the break-up. We're in high school, not many things last long and he isn't into her as much as she is into him. Which of course, is a concern. She will never break up with him, and he gave her the reality check when he told her that if they break up he wants them to continue being friends. This didn't please her, which left my another close friend of ours and i surrounded by a negative nelly. I know she likes him a lot, but we're always plan b. And plan b comes along with a nice side of angry. In the beginning of the year, the three of us would have so much fun together at lunch, but now we can't because one is always in a bad mood. When her boyfriend magically appears, she suddenly perks up and forgets any trouble in the world, smiles from ear to ear. Sure we can put up with it now, but theres only so much wear-and-tear a person can handle. "Bro's before Hoes?" Hmmm, not exactly happening at the moment, but we'll be there for when she falls, I mean, what are friends for?

No matter what happens girls, you get over it. You also realize theres a reason it just didn't work out and you can see what kind of person he truly is. Be thankful you found out now before you're married for 46 years with kids. When you find the guy and are in the best relationship in the world, remember that this is the way you are supposed to be treated and that [mr.ultimatestupidity] would have never put you in this great place. You did. By getting over this stupid stupid boy in the past, who would be lucky to get a girl anywhere as close to you are. Too bad for him cause you're doing better. Way better.


school is out! as of yesterday.

To celebrate, a couple of friends and i went on a grand ol' road trip. This is the first time I've ever been on a road trip with my friends! An hour and a half after we had left home on an uncomfortable car ride (truck fits five people, we had five people + a large dog = a factor of dislike), we arrived in a quaint little town where we had ourselves a cute picnic at the only park we could find. Instantly, we were in a new environment! Everything was just so quiet and so safe, away from the city, it was a great breath of fresh air! This town is magical, it had rained in the city but once we got to our destination, it had been sunshine and warm weather, the thick sweater i brought along was in no way necessary. The park was absolutely great, they had teeter totters! Never in my life had i been on one! BEST TEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE GUYS. After that we ventured around this tiny park (which had no sand! scorrreee no sand in my shoes!) and found a little patch of clovers that were filled with four leaf clovers! Joy! It took us about twenty minutes or less to walk around the whole town. We saw a pink puppy haha! And the people who reside there live in such peace and quiet. They had horses in their backyards! Oh country life, you excite me. There were actual butterflies flying around as well! Four leaf clovers, a beautiful day, picnic in the park, quiet quaint town all add up to a day in my life very well spent. Of course minus the doggy discomfort! Added bonus: mommy made a delicious rib dinner!

pink puppy?




Thursday, June 17, 2010


hahahaha oh deary.

I'm reaaaaallyy sorry i have not been blogging as much as i thought i would have! As school comes to an end and exam stress is slowly popping up all over my face :( i thought i would hop on over to this temporarily abandoned blog of mine. I'm "hahahaha-ing" because I'm looking at my last blogpost, looks like i was quite happy at that time. Thanks to a boy. A stupid boy. Looking at that makes me laugh because I'm so over that guy, and he certainly does not deserve a " :) " anymore. Oh what a teenage girl i am. Hmmmm whats new with me? I'm currently dying from math stress AND planning a trip to ROME, ITALYYY with my best friend! Summer is almost here and the weather in this place is too gloomy for words. Buuuuuuut, it will lighten up soon! Hopefully. I'm procrastinating and my cravings for cookies are going through the roof. Ooooh i saw a very attractive guy at my school today! Apparently he had once told my friend he thought i was cute but i was occupied with mrdoesn'tdeserveasmileyfaceanymore, not smart of me because this guy M is waaaaayy cuter !!! DARN. Seeing as the school year has ended, my social life is disappearing and i won't be able to befriend him. There's always the next school year right? I need a job desperately! Rome isn't paying for itself! Oh i just got a text from my pal that is offering me math assistance. Coordinate geometry is just not my thaaaang. I'll update this thing later! I'm off to eat chicken strips and begin studying. You may never hear from me again.