Thursday, June 17, 2010


hahahaha oh deary.

I'm reaaaaallyy sorry i have not been blogging as much as i thought i would have! As school comes to an end and exam stress is slowly popping up all over my face :( i thought i would hop on over to this temporarily abandoned blog of mine. I'm "hahahaha-ing" because I'm looking at my last blogpost, looks like i was quite happy at that time. Thanks to a boy. A stupid boy. Looking at that makes me laugh because I'm so over that guy, and he certainly does not deserve a " :) " anymore. Oh what a teenage girl i am. Hmmmm whats new with me? I'm currently dying from math stress AND planning a trip to ROME, ITALYYY with my best friend! Summer is almost here and the weather in this place is too gloomy for words. Buuuuuuut, it will lighten up soon! Hopefully. I'm procrastinating and my cravings for cookies are going through the roof. Ooooh i saw a very attractive guy at my school today! Apparently he had once told my friend he thought i was cute but i was occupied with mrdoesn'tdeserveasmileyfaceanymore, not smart of me because this guy M is waaaaayy cuter !!! DARN. Seeing as the school year has ended, my social life is disappearing and i won't be able to befriend him. There's always the next school year right? I need a job desperately! Rome isn't paying for itself! Oh i just got a text from my pal that is offering me math assistance. Coordinate geometry is just not my thaaaang. I'll update this thing later! I'm off to eat chicken strips and begin studying. You may never hear from me again.


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