Wednesday, June 23, 2010

school is out! as of yesterday.

To celebrate, a couple of friends and i went on a grand ol' road trip. This is the first time I've ever been on a road trip with my friends! An hour and a half after we had left home on an uncomfortable car ride (truck fits five people, we had five people + a large dog = a factor of dislike), we arrived in a quaint little town where we had ourselves a cute picnic at the only park we could find. Instantly, we were in a new environment! Everything was just so quiet and so safe, away from the city, it was a great breath of fresh air! This town is magical, it had rained in the city but once we got to our destination, it had been sunshine and warm weather, the thick sweater i brought along was in no way necessary. The park was absolutely great, they had teeter totters! Never in my life had i been on one! BEST TEN MINUTES OF MY LIFE GUYS. After that we ventured around this tiny park (which had no sand! scorrreee no sand in my shoes!) and found a little patch of clovers that were filled with four leaf clovers! Joy! It took us about twenty minutes or less to walk around the whole town. We saw a pink puppy haha! And the people who reside there live in such peace and quiet. They had horses in their backyards! Oh country life, you excite me. There were actual butterflies flying around as well! Four leaf clovers, a beautiful day, picnic in the park, quiet quaint town all add up to a day in my life very well spent. Of course minus the doggy discomfort! Added bonus: mommy made a delicious rib dinner!

pink puppy?




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